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hey its naturals and the moffatts biggest fan!

Hey whats up? my names April, i live in downtown Albany located in lovely,crime-marenated New York! (I actaully live in the ghetto, talk about fun)  I'm 19 and i jsut graduated last yearand im finally on my own!
My boyfriend is 29(dosnt he look young referre to pic on side) and we are engaged and wil lbe getting married in June! Hes actually going in the navy! so he'll be taking me with him! He does get soo jealus of the moffatts and natural! even thoug hhe dosnt admit it:) So soon ill be outta this dump! w
If you guyz have any pics or news or updates ofr any of the two bands please email them to me at
I hope to hear from you if you ahve any commits or anything!
As we say in my family
For those of you who dont know italian
bye beatiful


Me and my guy of a year!

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