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Goodbye my freinds!

Graduation, a life changing and a life starting sitiuation 


Wow! i never thought id be in the place! its like a slow playing movie u thought would never come to an end! but it did! standing up on the stage during graduation rehearsal and looking at my fellow classmates and former freinds walk down the isle in couples! boy girl, boy girl! excpet for in the begginning of the line where its girl girl because the ratio to girls to boys in the class are like 80:100! but i got lucky i got a boy partner! His names "Piko" the most popular guy in the school! he came here from Ghuna last year and seemed to fit in right away!
"I'm so excited" i squeld as i walked to my freind Glynis i nthe gym right before graduation! everone has thier gowns on and some even have thier hats! girls in white boys in Maroon! everyone doin something differnt!
you got the group of kids who are struggling with thier tassels, trying to get them perfecto! then you got the group who think they are two cool to wear thier hats, you got the group who is reminsing and u got a group who is crying you got a group discussing thier carrer plans and future goals and you got a group who is wondering off into the bathroom to check thier hair one more time and to make sure thier hats dont look too dorky! and thats about it! oh yeah and the group who is pretending that they dont care about moving on and changing the pace!
We all line up wiht our partners! boys on the left girls on the rihgt! i was standing side by side with Piko and this other couple ahead of us Megan and Russle! and we were discussing what we were goign to do with our gowns after the graduation ceremony! i guess to keep the nervousness down! well russle says we should wear them as bathrobs! hahaha now thats the memeries ill always have of this class! the funny , stupid comments! so we finally start walking out! im a nervous reck , im kinda blinded by all this!i  dotn belive its actaully happening! i mean 14 years in school then all of a sudden one days its all over! just like that !Poof! like magic! everyone is shshing everyone! but noones listening! i mena i dont blame them its hard to keep quite in a moment like this, when its one of our last minutes together! i couldnt cry i couldnt smile, i couldnt talk to Piko, or any other popular kid who decieds now they wanna be my friend! a lil tooo late! we finally start moving and one by one, the couples walk down the isle and before i knew it it was me and Pikos turn! all of a sudden my stomach ached with neverousness and excitment!" ill try not to embaress u" he says to me! i smile "its ok" i said!  here we go we walked to mrs. coyner who happend to be at the top of the isle in the Auditorium. we all smiled all of a sudden we started walking and all eyes were on us the place was packed! people clapping! i wanted to cry but couldnt the stage seemed blurry and i could barly make out the kids on it! we walked up the steps and go to the seats emptied for us! we all sit! i watch the other couples come down as the school band played the "tradtional graduation song" and the more they played it and the more the couples came down i wanted to cry, but promised myself days eariler i wouldnt!
The princible and other major school deals! all took turns doing thier speeches on how they will miss us! the most emotional one would be Mr. Alpsos' speech saying how we are the first class he has ever seen graduate and how he will miss us all! he even personally picked out certain names and said why he would miss that person! to me thats trueness! he cares! no one ever cares like Mr. Alpaso!we sung the Alma Mader, then America! we all got our diplomas and tehn all threw confettie at the end! we laughed and creid! we all walked out to the outside were we would all meet up and talk to whoever we wanted one last time! i went up to all my friends and gave them all hugs and said "we made it!"
i took pictures with my parents and then i decied it was time to let go and leave. i took one last look! that was it!
We all laughed together,cried together,had good times together,had bad times
together, we held eachother hands when noone else would, we pushed eachother on the play ground and cried "cooties!" we fought over the swings, we changed our group of freinds, we had to accept ourselves and puberty together!  we had to go to junior high together, we had to start high school together! we had to graduate together! i dont think i ever did more things with anyone else in my eniter life than what i did with the class of 2002! we been though so much did so much ! how do u just say goodbye? how?
who knows, its one of those unanswered qustions of life!
good ridences


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