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Just love me

Feels like a million miles ago
When we were happy
and everybody knew
How it was and how it is
I hate the way im feeling
it hurts inside,out and
i dont know what to do,or how to get through to you
I was only
trying to keep our world from crashing in
I was trying
to be your lover and to be your friend
I only
want to hold you till the end
Now dont tell that it dosnt mean a thing
Why cant you jsut love me
Please,dont push me away
the pain is so unbaring
i dont wanna feel it again
I wanna,be there when you need me
To help, you get waht you need
I thought you where my freind
but i guess some people just pretend
I dont wanna know
who you've been with
I dont wanna know
what you have done
Lets call it turse
and lets start all over again

I did rewrite this song off the Beu sisters beat! so its my lyrics but their music! notice it aint copied writed!