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I will still love you

A song about letting go!

I see you walking aside by me

And my heart still skips a beat

I hear your voice, and then I have no choice


Each time that we still touch

Is one more time I need it much

I cant let go, Of this thing we have



But there will come a day that we will say goodbye

And I know it will make me cry

But I know deep down in side

I will still love you

I ll be thinking of you every night

Holding my tears so I dont cry

But I know deep inside

I will still love you


Anyone can see the way we feel about each other

Im just so happy-to have you as a lover

And theres no doubt that we are happy now

But it took some time

But im not asking why!



Nothing more and nothing less
No more living with regret
Your memory will get
The best of me, the best of me
Oh you're gonna see





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