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 Ok, I stared performing and writing at the tender age of six! i was singing way before that at age 4! By the time i was seven i was singing to country music! By the time i hit age 11, I moved to a Pop Music oreinated town!
At age 12, i started to sing and write more seroiusly! about the sametime , my family and I where threatend to lose our house! so i staredto write more depressing songs! then Jr. High started and it only got worst! so i was in a black hole with my music and my life!
Things stared to clear uparound high school, and i stared to delveope this thing called crushes! and most of my songs where about guyz  i couldnt get! and i was also getting put down!
Then Towards the end of high school, I had my first true love!~ It was sooo wonderful! i went throught the true love ups and downs and finally understood what those love songs Im always  hearing on the raido where all about! So i was writing like crazy! about happiness,the first big fight! things like that! then we broke up. and i stared to write like crazy again, this time on sadness, depression, lonliness! things like that! so it was my bigest writing era!
Then from that point on i fell in and out of love like 2 more times! then graduation came along! I worte about 3 songs on that! only becoz i didnt really know how i really felt and i didnt really believe what was happening!
I know that there wont be alot of major things happening for me to write about! but its all about the small things! all you have to do is look at the sky!