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Forever goodbye

This song is about a break up from my first love!

When you fall in love
it can be an amazing feeling
When you fall in love
noone can give u a reason
to break the other's heart
when u give your all
just to hear them call
when u cant sleep at night
without them holding you tight
thats how i felt for u until you broke my heart
until you decied its best if we part

dont tell me its not the end of the world
what do you know you'll never be sure

so FOrever goodbye
(forever goodbye)
How could u do this
(do this)
Forever goodbye
(forever goodbye)
How will i get through this
(through this)
When your the one i miss
forever goodbye

Sometimes u can fall so in love
you can be blind
there were times i couldnt get enough
without you by my side
but i hold on to whatever is left of my heart
whatever is left to my soul
and i bring together whats apart
and put together what i dont know

I'm tryin to find a hold of my feelings
while you keep your mind sleeping

I cant go on
I cant let go
I cant Pretend
I cant live anymore





 Well when you break up with a first love, its super painful! not even Nyquil can help! well it can if you cant sleep bc of it! anywayz, when me and my exspencer broke up i felt i had nothing to live for,not a dream,goal or a friend! so i wanted to die! i had nothing negitive to look back on! like we rarly fought, he treated me real good andi treated him really good  and our fams got along! so it made it worst, i felt like i lostthe guy i was gonna marry! it was teh picture perfect relationship! we broke up bc of distance! Its been a year and i still love him and we talk he says the same! we jsut might be met to be who knows!

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