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country 2

here are all the artist i have the lyrics to i try linking them to th e pages they are on but it dosnt work so i guess u can figure out the diff between country and rap. what i did though i labled them the prob with that iss like i labled monica "rap" she isnt a rapper but rap stands 4 anything like R&B rap and hip hop ok take that into consideration

Abba (pop)
Alecia Elloitt(country)
Alecia Keys(Rap)
Amy Grant(pop)
A teens(pop)
Britney spears(pop)
B Witched (pop)
Bangels (pop)
Brooke Allison(pop)
Boyz N Girlz (pop)
Bravo All Stars (pop)
Billie (pop)
Coco Lee (pop)
Collin Raye (country)
Carpenters (pop)
Christina augilara(pop)
Christina Milian (pop)
Cleopatra (pop)
Cyndi Thomson (country)
Dream (pop)
Dixie Chicks(country)
Debbie Gibson (pop)
Extreme (rap)
Edens Crush (pop)
Expose (pop)
Garth Brooks (country)
Hoku (pop)
Hanson (pop)
I5 (pop)
Jewel (pop)
Josie and the pussy cats(punk)
Jessica Andrews (country)
Leeann Rimes (country)
Lonestar (country)
Lit (Punk)
Lfo (pop)
Mandy Moore(pop)
Mirah Carey (pop)
Mya (rap)
Mr. Big (*)
Nobody's angel(pop)
Natural (pop)
Nirvana (punk)
N Sync (pop)
O-Town (pop)
Pam Tillis (country)
Ricky Martin (pop)
Sisqo (rap)
Sclub7 (pop)
Shanks & Big Foot(pop)
Sky (pop)
Steps (pop)
Sum 41 (Punk)
Silver chair (punk)
The moffatts (pop)
The offspring (punk)_
3LW (rap)

*=not sure but its most likly in the pop section

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