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these is where u can find a song i pick and the link to the officical site, there will be a new one every week!



For All Time

For all Time
You've been the first in my life
whoes ever made me fele this way
and i can not  deny
i'm gonna need you right here by my side
baby i cant wait
(hold my hand and let me lead the way)
take my breath away
(holding,and kissing,loving,and touching you)
never will be too late
(see myself through your eyes)
baby i cant wait
(until the day i hear you say)
you are mine
theres no other one for me
keep in my mind
you make my life complete
and tonight
we'll make love endlessly
coz your mine
youre the one that i'll keep
for all time
Now that you are here boy
Im never gonna let you go
can i touch you there boy
you mind if  we kiss real slow?
your my everything
my hopes and dreams
baby you know it aint no lie
gonna be with you until the day i die
(chrous and bridge)
your the one who lights my fire
youre the one who keeps me strong
your the one i depend on
when my world is going wrong
your the one i hold close
the man im dreaming of
and i really really love you
i jsut want you to know that...

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