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About Me

This is about me!.


my full name: aprilee Jane Dubuc
My hometown:Downtown Albany
my age: 19
My june 12 1983
My Parents Names:Tina And Robert
My Boyfriends Name: what boyfriend? Francesco

Ok the thing i like the most is retro stuff. u should see my room, i have a blushish purple wallssixties flower decoritve like things, a lava lamp ,a nd more retro stuff iam totally into the 60's.Um i love catss u should know that if u checked out my pets page. um i like a guy who is sweeter than chocalate, very nice and have sommewhat good looks. and wants me more than just for sex. and i live in a subarb out of the cityand i think thats it. OH i'm in 12 grade.
For more updated pics go tp prom pics , Candid Pics and the most recent fly 92 crew which is still being updated


me and former bf now best friend


thats me on the right while i was prom shopping and thats francesco on the left in his car, it came out bad sorry bout the qaulity

Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid

horrible pic of me


Heres My fave Bands.
Blink 182
Sum 41
City High
The Moffatts

as u can see my fave type of music is punk rock most of the bands up here are punk. but i very alot. one day i like hip-hop next its country. It all depends on the mood!

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